My Stepbrother Denied

Thanks to her older brother, Summer Williams is no longer a scared virgin. Now she must put the erotic experience with Eric out of her mind and focus on her original goal: having a perfect first time with her long-time boyfriend. But can she truly settle for sex after having a taste of love? IMPORTANT NOTE: The first story in this serial, My Stepbrother Lover, is available for FREE. Grab it now!

She thought she had it all figured out. She thought that now she wasn't a virgin anymore, she'd feel liberated, hot, in command.

Well, she did feel all of those things... she just had a hard time not comparing sex with her brother to sex with her boyfriend. And she'd rather not compare both experiences, because no matter how she tries to picture it, her brother keeps coming up on top.

Still, Summer is determined to forget all about Eric and to take the next big step with her boyfriend. How long will that determination last when she finally understands the difference between having sex and making love?

Warnings: graphic depictions of sex (oral sex, vaginal penetration), bareback sex, coarse language, sexual use, and one huge mistake.