My Stepbrother: Eric’s View

Eric Williams has been in love with his sister forever. He's been picturing her face and her body every time he finds relief since he was old enough to jerk off, and he takes the edge off the guilt and shame by telling himself she's not his real sister. She's his stepsister. There's a difference there, isn't there? Even if they've grown up together. Even if they've been raised as true siblings since they were toddlers.

He's not a monster. He's just in love.

One day, when Eric comes back home from college for a weekend visit, the careful balance he's built between his desires and his reality is thrown in shambles. He doesn't know what lucky star he wished upon this time, but Eric suddenly wakes up from an after-party stupor to find his sister bent over him. Giving him head. And it didn't matter if she was inexperienced or not--it was the best head of his life.

Only problem? She ran before he could reciprocate the favor.

Now, Eric has a chance to make his greatest fantasy come true. He gets to make amends by pleasuring the girl he loves... and maybe she wants more than oral from him.

Warnings: graphic depictions of sex (oral sex, first time penetration), veiled references to a traumatic sexual experience and tons of angst looming ahead.