My Stepbrother Lover

What if the perfect man for you was in the midst of your family all along? Summer Williams wants to get rid of her virginity and is ready to get naughty with her college-aged stepbrother… She will soon discover that having Eric pop her cherry is the hottest experience she could have hoped for! But is she ready to deal with the afterglow of steamy sex with a member of her own family?


Summer Williams wants to take the next step with her boyfriend of one year and have sex with him, although her own fears keep holding her back. She’s a virgin full of doubts: What if she can’t please him? What if her first time is so terrible he breaks up with her?

The solution comes one night in the form of a very drunk, very delirious Eric. Whatever he’s dreaming, it has him hard and panting, and Summer jumps at the chance of getting some practice, no complications and no feelings attached, before sleeping with her chosen guy.

But what will happen when Eric wakes up under her ministrations? It’s bad enough to be caught taking advantage of a guy in such a naughty way, but when that guy is in fact Summer’s brother…

Well. It’s the most terrible mistake of her life.

Or is it perhaps the best thing to happen to her?

Warnings: dubious consent, mentions of alcohol abuse, graphic depictions of sex (oral sex, first time penetration) and tons of angst looming ahead.