Owned in the Dark

A steamy tale of sexual ownership

Book Cover: Owned in the Dark
Part of the In the Dark series:

Claire thought she could handle a night of surrendering to the mysterious dominant she'd met online. However, can she ever be the same after being taken by Z? Memories of their encounter haunt her, making her dizzy with desire and need until she can only think of their next secret date. When the time comes, will Claire be ready to be thoroughly mastered?

Z left Claire with nothing but a note indicating a time and place for their next meeting. She never saw his face, never heard his voice--but his touch was more than enough to make her crave more.

A week after that first intimate encounter, Claire is back at an anonymous hotel. She's back to using her skimpy, slutty underwear. She's back to blindfolding herself while waiting for Z to come to her room, to her bed. And she's back to cuffing her own hands behind her back in a perfect display of submissive devotion.

Will this second experience be everything Claire has dreamed? Or will Z expect her to sate desires too dark for Claire to handle?

Warnings: blindfolded anonymous sex, graphic depictions of sex, forced orgasm, vaginal, anal and oral toy insertion, spanking, bareback anal penetration and unprotected ejaculation.