Stays in the Family

The most erotic revenge...

Book Cover: Stays in the Family

This young woman is determined to take revenge on the man who destroyed her family. She has a plan to bring him down, but she must seduce him first if she wants to succeed... and nothing had prepared her for the pleasure she'll experience in his bed!

She has been holding a grudge for nineteen years. Every hardship in her life, she places at his feet--and he doesn't even know it.

Mr. Templeton is a successful man by all standards. Charming and dashing, he has the life and the women he wants. And right now, he wants to bed his new personal assistant, a buxom girl that is the perfect mix of naughty and innocent to fire up his blood... She's almost too perfect to be true, but who stops to think about such things when there's a hot mouth--and even hotter pussy--to bury himself in?

The affair starts as just another quick office fuck for him, as just a plan for revenge for her. When the heat turns up and pleasure threatens to consume them both, will either of them change their minds? Or will they be destroyed by a terrible secret almost two decades in the past?

WARNINGS: graphic depictions of sex, oral sex, bareback penetration, implied incest.