Taken in the Dark

A steamy tale of submissive training

Book Cover: Taken in the Dark
Part of the In the Dark series:

She is a young, promising executive who believes she’s ready to be owned in bed. He is a dominant alpha male who will accept nothing but perfect submission. Will she be up to the task, or will it prove to be a job much too hard?

Claire met the mysterious Z online, and in their chats, he showed her an entire new world of sensual enjoyment. Day after day, he made her discover a part of herself she hadn’t known existed: far from the promising executive who called the shots day in and day out, she explored her meeker side until their steamy conversations became the only highlight of her routine.

At first, Claire thought she would be content enjoying their online meetings and imagining Z’s face, or his voice as he gave her the naughty commands he typed. Soon, though, she discovered she wanted more…

So when Z proposed a meeting to live out their shared fantasy in the flesh, what else could she do but accept?

Will sparks fly when they are finally face to face, or will Claire discover it was all a terrible mistake?

Warnings: blindfolded anonymous sex, graphic depictions of sex, deepthroating, unprotected ejaculation, spanking, controlled orgasm.