Choose the next submissive training step

I think it’s safe to say you guys are loving Taken in the Dark. That’s awesome!

So here’s the deal: Your enthusiasm is firing up my creative juices, and I’m ready to start working on part 2 of the In the Dark series.

The title? Claimed in the Dark.

The contents? Well… That’s up to you!

Let me explain: my plan is for the In the Dark series to have at least four stories. Each story will be about Z training his blindfolded Pet, making her the perfect submissive. If she passes the test set in each story, Pet gets rewarded…

If you have read Taken in the Dark, you know the first reward is allowing Pet to use her mouth. (If you haven’t read it, go grab it! Free from Smashwords, feel free to talk other sellers into matching the price)

What will be the next test? And what about the next reward? Cast your vote. And don’t be afraid to add your own option! The whole point of this is to enjoy what turns you on. I dare you to leave a comment too, telling me details you’d like me to include in Claimed in the Dark!


2 thoughts on “Choose the next submissive training step

  1. Public? NO. Another female? – later. This is private training. One on one. She has more private training to complete first. The device holds her bound and tests her resolve as it trains her to perform. First her mouth and throat. Sucking and licking and relaxing her throat muscles. The device measures her performance and she must work hard to pass the test before she is released. In the end, she becomes better at oral sex than any man could believe. Then we train her other holes.

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