My Stepbrother Reclaimed

Summer knows she made a mistake. She wants to go back to her brother's arms and have everything he offered. But will Eric take her back after everything she did? IMPORTANT NOTE: The first story in this series, My Stepbrother Lover, is available for FREE. Grab it now!

Accepting she made a mistake wasn't easy, but there was no other interpretation for the twisting of her guts after Summer finally slept with her boyfriend. She no longer wanted him--she wanted her brother. And her brother wanted her. He'd have given her everything and more.

Of course, that was before Summer threw his love back in his face, calling him all sorts of names, claiming any relationship between them was just an unnatural fluke born of curiosity. That was before she slept with another man in a car, like a vulgar slut. Is it even possible for Eric to still love her, let alone be willing to forgive her?

Hope is the last thing to go, they say, and so Summer clings to a sliver of hope when she sends a text message to her brother with a single sentence: "Come home, please."

Will he?

And if he does, can they mend their relationship and learn how to be lovers instead of siblings?

Warnings: angst, graphic depictions of sex (oral sex, vaginal penetration), bareback sex, cumming in pussy, and a happy ending.


My Stepbrother Denied

Thanks to her older brother, Summer Williams is no longer a scared virgin. Now she must put the erotic experience with Eric out of her mind and focus on her original goal: having a perfect first time with her long-time boyfriend. But can she truly settle for sex after having a taste of love? IMPORTANT NOTE: The first story in this serial, My Stepbrother Lover, is available for FREE. Grab it now!

She thought she had it all figured out. She thought that now she wasn't a virgin anymore, she'd feel liberated, hot, in command.

Well, she did feel all of those things... she just had a hard time not comparing sex with her brother to sex with her boyfriend. And she'd rather not compare both experiences, because no matter how she tries to picture it, her brother keeps coming up on top.

Still, Summer is determined to forget all about Eric and to take the next big step with her boyfriend. How long will that determination last when she finally understands the difference between having sex and making love?

Warnings: graphic depictions of sex (oral sex, vaginal penetration), bareback sex, coarse language, sexual use, and one huge mistake.


My Stepbrother: Eric’s View

Eric Williams has been in love with his sister forever. He's been picturing her face and her body every time he finds relief since he was old enough to jerk off, and he takes the edge off the guilt and shame by telling himself she's not his real sister. She's his stepsister. There's a difference there, isn't there? Even if they've grown up together. Even if they've been raised as true siblings since they were toddlers.

He's not a monster. He's just in love.

One day, when Eric comes back home from college for a weekend visit, the careful balance he's built between his desires and his reality is thrown in shambles. He doesn't know what lucky star he wished upon this time, but Eric suddenly wakes up from an after-party stupor to find his sister bent over him. Giving him head. And it didn't matter if she was inexperienced or not--it was the best head of his life.

Only problem? She ran before he could reciprocate the favor.

Now, Eric has a chance to make his greatest fantasy come true. He gets to make amends by pleasuring the girl he loves... and maybe she wants more than oral from him.

Warnings: graphic depictions of sex (oral sex, first time penetration), veiled references to a traumatic sexual experience and tons of angst looming ahead. 



My Stepbrother Lover

What if the perfect man for you was in the midst of your family all along? Summer Williams wants to get rid of her virginity and is ready to get naughty with her college-aged stepbrother… She will soon discover that having Eric pop her cherry is the hottest experience she could have hoped for! But is she ready to deal with the afterglow of steamy sex with a member of her own family?


Summer Williams wants to take the next step with her boyfriend of one year and have sex with him, although her own fears keep holding her back. She’s a virgin full of doubts: What if she can’t please him? What if her first time is so terrible he breaks up with her?

The solution comes one night in the form of a very drunk, very delirious Eric. Whatever he’s dreaming, it has him hard and panting, and Summer jumps at the chance of getting some practice, no complications and no feelings attached, before sleeping with her chosen guy.

But what will happen when Eric wakes up under her ministrations? It’s bad enough to be caught taking advantage of a guy in such a naughty way, but when that guy is in fact Summer’s brother…

Well. It’s the most terrible mistake of her life.

Or is it perhaps the best thing to happen to her?

Warnings: dubious consent, mentions of alcohol abuse, graphic depictions of sex (oral sex, first time penetration) and tons of angst looming ahead.