Released: My Stepbrother Lover

Drama! Romance! And of course… a ton of steamy sex!

My Stepbrother Lover is the first novella in a series following the relationship of siblings Eric and Summer Williams. Summer wants to do away with her innocence and virginity. When Eric shows up, too out of it to notice, she jumps at the chance to see a cock in the flesh… and ends up with a mouthful too big to chew.

Join Summer as she discovers the pleasures of sex with her brother.

But of course, not everything is smooth and perfect. What happens when Summer discovers that Eric wants more than just sex with her? Is she ready to face the world for him, or will she turn her back on his love?

Dive into the story right away to find out! It’s free for now so you can sate all your fantasies about virgin, incestuous, bareback sex without emptying your pockets 🙂

Final My step brother lover
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