The many roadblocks of erotica

Also titled: Shit that pisses me off.

My first commercial erotica novella (and commercial is a bit of a misnomer, because it’s FREE) hit the virtual shelves on May 10th. Or it should have, if it hadn’t run afoul of a myriad issues that I’m sure drive all erotica authors crazy.

My Stepbrother Lover, at its core, is a story about love. It’s about a couple figuring things out, and then having to fight society–family and friends–because their relationship doesn’t conform to the norm. It’s about them facing this huge stigma, just because their parents decided to remarry and turned them into step-siblings.

And yeah, okay, there are graphic, steamy scenes. A lot of them. So what? Sex is nothing to be ashamed of, and in this case, it’s a way to showcase exactly how good the two protagonists are together. It’s not like you can’t find those same sizzling descriptions in any other erotica story, and even in some mainstream stories that every retailer has managed to overlook because they sell so well.

Let’s focus there for a moment: because they sell so well.

People is starting to feel free to read erotica. The sheer amount of books involving stepbrother-stepsister “pseudoincest” out there is staggering, and so are their sales. Note also that there is absolutely nothing wrong or illegal with this kind of relationship. Still, you know what? Retailers will randomly veto it.

iBooks has decided to redefine the term incest (Merriam Webster definition: sexual intercourse between persons so closely related that they are forbidden by law to marry; also :  the statutory crime of such a relationship) to include step-family, which in fact isn’t forbidden (or related) at all. Hell, half-siblings can legally marry sometimes!

Amazon has also blocked the book claiming a breach of their content guidelines. I’d have liked an explanation of what this breach might be, because I only got “we reserve the right to make this kind of decision” and I don’t think that’s a serious answer, but oh well.

You can always download the story for free from Smashwords in your preferred format… And if you know of any other retailer or platform where My Stepbrother Lover could be shared, please let me know!

Erotica writers and readers: share your experience! What roadblocks have you found when trying to share (or find) your favorite stories?

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  1. I would rather read about incest / pseudo-incest in the make believe world as to hearing about in the real world as on the six o’clock news! !

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